. Everyone wants peace. This is why we choose to be around or not be around certain people. This is why we choose certain types of entertainment, or why we enjoy atmospheres that are soothing and calming. Life naturally brings stressors, and we are subconsciously always pursuing the balance and safety that peace brings. In today’s episode, I’m going to provide you with simple tools to defeat stress and anxiety, and find a renewed sense of peace, no matter what life throws at you. Let’s dive in! The CLUTCH Process I described in the episode was inspired by and taken from the model created by Dr. Caroline Leaf in her app “Neurocycle”. Here is the process if you’d like to get some deeply rooted fears or wrong beliefs rebuilt in a healthy way. CLUTCH C-alm your mind with simple breathing. 3-4 counts inhale, 3-4 hold, 3-4 exhale, 3-4 hold. L-ist your most pressing/gripping concern or fear on paper. Consider a brainstorm web style if it helps. T-hink it through & write it down. That core belief at the center, and draw a line off of it with the bolded words below in a new bubble. What emotions do I experience as a result? What behaviors do I demonstrate as a result of this thought? What beliefs/attitudes have grown in me by this belief? How do I treat others differently as a result of this belief? How has this belief made me different than how I was before? Include a list of Triggers that cause this belief to flare up. C-heck out what you just wrote. Review it. H-appy thoughts to rewire your mind. Do this three to seven times where you take one minute and review what you just wrote down, and at the end, intentionally think of something that gives you a happy or satisfied feeling. You can look at pictures of a family vacation, or just imagine a funny moment. Picture a rose, or a sunset, or your baby’s face. This causes those negative feelings and emotions to be replaced by positive ones and allows you to begin to restructure your brain. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/javawithjen/support

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