Cashcow Pro (Antoni Watts 1 of 4)
British Amazon Seller · 20 minutes ·

Cashcow Pro (Antoni Watts 1 of 4)

Today on the show we have Antoni Watts of Cashcow Pro. He is a sourcing expert here to teach us how to use Cashcow Pro to boost our profit.

Antoni moved to Hong Kong when he was 19 to work for an import company. He was in charge of sourcing the products from Chinese factories. After doing this for 18 months Antoni started his own sourcing company in Hong Kong. At one point he was developing 3000 products in a year! Eventually, a friend told him about Amazon. Since he already knew the industry and was familiar with developing products, he decided to give it a go.

Frustrated with the lack of data and the complexity of trying to make sense of everything, Antoni created Cashcow Pro.
Cashcow Pro
Cashcow Pro is all the tools a small to medium sized Amazon seller would need. It’s for seller first starting out or have 100-200 products. It’s everything you could possibly need to run your day-to-day Amazon business. From how much profit you’re making to free, unlimited, feedback collection emails. He was paying hundreds of dollars a month for all these different tools that were performing basic functions. He wanted one dashboard to handle all of it.

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One that people love is the dashboard. It takes all your key data from Amazon and shows you how many products you have, what your inventory is, what your rank is, your conversation rate, and much more. It gives you a quick snapshot of your business. From there you can drill in on more specific data. You can look at how your conversion has changed over the last 30 days. You can see how your reviews have been doing.
Another favourite is the message feature. It includes the automated emails to your buyers, which is more important than ever since Amazon made it more difficult to get reviews. You have unlimited free emails that go out with every new order automatically.

They have template system. You can create several emails and choose when they go out. Whether it’s an hour after delivery or 7 days after delivery. You don’t have to create a different email for every product, you can use a template. You can put in links for the buyer to leave a review or seller feedback.

There is an automatic tool for seller feedback. If a buyer leaves negative seller feedback, it will send a customized email automatically to that buyer. Or if a customer leaves a positive product review, it will send a message asking them to leave seller feedback.

Remember, this is an unlimited feature that is included in the cost. You won’t be hit with an extra $100 charge for using too many emails in Q4 like some of the other companies. You won’t be charge more for being successful!
Keyword Tracking
With keyword tracking, the work needs to be done upfront. You can use tools like Merchant Words or Google. You need to create a really deep and detailed list of keywords. For most niches, people are going for the top couple keywords. You need to think outside the box. If you’re selling a mug, is it something that could be used for a Father’s Day gift? You should have 5-10 main keywords that you’re trying to rank for. Look at the data for the past 30-60 days then take action to try to rank for those keywords.

Once you’ve identified and ranked for these few keywords, then you can use the tracking feature to keep an eye on it. There’s no point in using it if you’re not doing the work at the beginning.
Other Features

AB Testing – You can put in different price points and test what sells best.
Product Research – Similar to Jungle Scout Chrome extension.
Product Database – 20 million best selling products on Amazon. This database is included for free.

Before, you could say that Cashcow Pro has all the features, but the other companies do it better. Antoni and his team as spent that last nine months ensuring that their features are at least as good as the other tools out there.

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