This is part 3 of the interview with Nathan Hirsch of FreeeUp who is sharing some fantastic information about outsourcing. In the last episode, we talked about the general principals of outsourcing, which he is incredibly experienced at.

How FreeeUp Compares to Other Outsourcing Platforms
There are 2 things that are unique about FreeeUp. Firstly, it’s not a job board. They get hundreds of applicants every week and take the time to pre-vett them so only the top 1% get accepted and added to their network. Then FreeeUp makes them available to you as a client whenever you need them. There’s no monthly fee, there’s no signup fee. You sign up as a client whenever you need a worker. You simply have to log into your account, click the ‘request a worker’ button and explain exactly what you need. Then FreeeUp fulfills that request pretty quickly, usually within hours but sometimes within minutes. You get to then speak to the worker and decide if you want to work with them or not, and if not you can request a different worker.

The other cool thing about FreeeUp is that they are very hands-on and make sure you have a good experience. Besides having great customer service, they have a lot of content to help you as a business owner, including the FreeeUp blog, online hiring mastermind groups, and a 20-person team available to help you and guide you along the way.
Benefits of FreeeUp
FreeeUp is also like insurance against turnover for your business. As a business owner, turnover of workers is so frustrating. If any of the FreeeUp workers quit for any reason, they cover all retraining costs. They will get you a new worker right away and make sure you never take a step backward for HR reasons. That solves the problem that every business owner hates which is their worker leaving halfway through the project, leaving you hanging. FreeeUp has a talented team and vett people for not only their skill and communication but also their attitude. Nathan says, “We’re not perfect but when something does happen, we fix it.”
Getting Started on FreeeUp
The first step to getting started on FreeeUp is to sign up as a client, which takes 5 minutes. There is a questionnaire and e-signature saying that you won’t try to steal the workers and you will actually pay for their work, and then a payment method on file so the automatic payments can get set up. FreeeUp’s billing period is Wednesday to Tuesday, and they charge you automatically every Thursday. Once you have an account you never have to set that up again. The payment side of things is automated.

Anytime you need a worker, ‘click request a worker’ and answer the questions about what you are looking for, including U.S. vs. non-U.S. workers, pricing considerations, and schedule restrictions. Within a few hours, you will get an email detailing the worker selected for you. You will be introduced to that worker. You can also meet with them in a 10-15 minute conversation if you want. If for whatever reason, it’s not the right fit, you have a red flag or you just want a second option, you can request another worker and they’ll send you someone else. Or, to get started you just click “hire”.

The HR Support Your Business Needs
A lot of FreeeUp’s clients have chosen to work with FreeeUp because they don’t want to spend the time on the hiring. It’s a simple process and FreeeUp values simplicity. A lot of people don’t actually know how to interview well. Often, there is no correlation between how well a candidate did in an interview compared with how satisfied the employer is with that person’s work down the line. The best way to judge a potential hire is by the results they give, and FreeeUp has already vetted them for results.

In addition to that, FreeeUp posts a lot of content on how to interview people, what red flags to look for and other information you need in order to hire the person that is the best fit for your business. If you’re happy and the worker is happy,

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