episode 12: matrescence, cycles, and women's circles
Birth and Beyond · 45 minutes ·

episode 12: matrescence, cycles, and women's circles

I would like to welcome everyone to The Errors Tour (Lily's Version) as we start the second episode of Season 2 with yet another apology for technological issues. This time it was my audio-- but at least we recorded y'all! And when I say I PROMISE it's still an episode very worth listening to (regardless of my mishaps despite Mercury no longer being in retrograde to blame) TRUST ME! In this episode I'll be talking to Holly over at @MilkandMatrescence and she explains what exactly she does after leaving the hospital bedside after working as an ICU Registered Nurse. Learn what "Matrescence" is all about, the journey through motherhood that always felt isolating and sometimes even soul-crushing finally explained. We talk about how this same period in our lives mirrors many other cycles in nature and what that means for us. We'll also go deeper into women's circles and our plans for Holistic's own Postpartum Women's Circle you can be a part of as well! And seriously you guys, please try really hard to ignore the fact that my audio sounds like I recorded this in a cave. I'm still learning a lot and I love all of you who are on this journey with me!

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