We're starting off with some baby updates (Wyatt is standing! Dean is scared to poop!) and then delve right back into first trimester scaries—why do you have to pee all the time? Are kegels worth it? Is Sue Gwynneth Paltrow? Favorite books: “Expecting Better” we love data! “Bringing Up Bebe” can we raise chill French babies when we’re not in France? Is it wishful thinking? Other books to prepare for baby to be born: “Happiest Baby On The Block” the 5 S’s are the best! “Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems” Ferber method gentle cry it out. “Moms on Call” written by pediatric nurses who are also moms! And we can't forget, "Oh Crap!" for potty training.

And finally—regret? Huge changes when finding out you’re pregnant even when it’s planned. How do you handle? When did you feel connected to the baby?

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