Izabella Ritz and Carrie Miller | Expanding into Walmart with Helium10
Amazon Made Simple · 30 minutes ·

Izabella Ritz and Carrie Miller | Expanding into Walmart with Helium10

On this episode of Amazon Made Simple, Izabella Ritz is joined by Carrie Miller, who serves as Helium10’s brand evangelist for the platform’s Walmart.com tools. She has been an e-commerce seller since 2016 and a Helium 10 user since 2017. She started selling on Amazon.com and then quickly expanded to Shopify and now Walmart.com. 

Even though Amazon is the dominant player in e-commerce, no business strategy that makes sense can ignore growth opportunities that help expand your business while reducing risk: incorporating other sales platforms is one of those solutions.

In this episode of Amazon Made Simple, Carrie chats with Izabella about what sellers need to get their products on Walmart, how Helium10 helps Walmart sellers find what to sell, and the shear size of the opportunity.


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