Episode 3 - Tracking Your Sleep and Hacks To Get A Better Sleep Tonight | The Amazon Warrior Podcast
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Episode 3 - Tracking Your Sleep and Hacks To Get A Better Sleep Tonight | The Amazon Warrior Podcast

Hi everyone, welcome back to another episode on The Amazon Warrior Podcast.

In the previous episode, we talked about the different sleep cycles such as REM sleep and Deep Sleep, and we talked about the importance of getting enough sleep.

We discussed that the brain NEEDS sleep in order to perform well, and we also learned about the on the relationship of human growth hormone and sleep and how it affects our performance and recovery after gym.

In this episode we will talk about how you can track your sleep with your Apple Watch or Oura ring, how you can adjust your sleeping patterns once you have tracked your data overnight, and I’ll also share my 10 hacks and tips on how you can get a better sleep.

Now with the current coronavirus pandemic, I think we can all agree that prevention is better than cure.

A lack of sleep can affect your immune system. So there is no better time than NOW to start looking after your health because studies show that people who don't get enough quality sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus. Lack of sleep can also affect how fast you recover if you do get sick.

Caroline's Tips To Sleep Better Tonight

1. Limit your caffeine intake before bed.

2. Make sure the bedroom is at a comfortable and cool temperature.

3. Minimise disturbances in the room.

4. Make sure that your room is completely dark.

5. Make sure that your bedroom is a calm and very pleasant oasis where you can relax.

6. Don't go to bed holding a grudge.

7. Get a good mattress and pillow.

8. Listen to a relaxing bedtime story or a guided meditation.

9. Use lavender essential oil.

10. Limit screen time after 8:00 PM.

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