096 - Every Man Has One Golden Arrow: Amy and Matt
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096 - Every Man Has One Golden Arrow: Amy and Matt

Today’s episode is about absolute dedication, and it’s very romantic.

If you’ve listened to the show before, you know that I often begin interviews by asking how my guests met, but that I like to get past all that so we can explore the challenges that couples face. My view is that we have plenty of happily ever after romance stories in our culture, and we really don’t need any more of those.

But then I interviewed Amy and Matt. Now I’m not saying this is a happily ever after story. These two have their challenges just like anyone, and in fact, the second hour of this interview was all about those challenges. But the story of how these two met and fell in love is just so touching that I couldn’t resist posting an episode about their early romance.

If you want to hear about challenges, I’m posting the second half of the interview for patreon subscribers of $2 or more, and you can find that at Patreon.com/together.

I’m also excited to say that we’re posting part two of our interview with Dr. Helen Fisher later this week. In part one of that interview we talked about the biological underpinnings of our experience of love, and in part two, we get into Dr. Fisher’s advice for singles.

That episode and this one were both made possible by Match.com. Super big thanks to match for their sponsorship. If you would like to take advantage of the exclusive offer their providing our listeners -  7-days free to use their site, just go to match.com/together.

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