S2 E6 - Your Type Doesn't Matter
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S2 E6 - Your Type Doesn't Matter

So long as we’re stuck on an internal idea of perfection, we can never fully experience the magic of what’s right before our eyes. That's why searching for one's "type," or the "perfect match" can be such a dead end.

Our guests today, Jo and Nick–understand this better than most, and share with us their insights about how to be in the relationship you actually have.

Jo Piazza is an author with six very popular titles under her belt, and she’s also a rather well loved travel journalist. Most recently she wrote a book called How To Be Married, which is a collection of advice from women all over the world about how to survive the first year of marriage. It’s a delightful read, and very much worth your time. Nick is a journalist as well, and he runs a website called triplepundit.com.

Here's a link to the article I wrote on this topic of the ideal mate (which I mention in the episode): http://together.guide/good-news-your-ideal-mate-does-not-exist/

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