Ep.138 - Pop Culture and Love

Ep.138 - Pop Culture and Love

If you're a fan of the podcast, you know that we're big pop culture heads and obviously love and relationships, and this episode is a great blend of those two themes. Do you ever go back and re-experience something you experienced when you were younger, whether it's a song, movie, or other form of pop-culture, and realize just how poorly it's aged. You know what seems to age even more poorly? Depictions of love, dating, and relationships in Pop Culture. Of course, there are some examples that stand the test of time, so we wanted to show those pieces of pop culture a bit of love too. In this episode, Polyam Gal Seeks  (@Polygalseeks on Twitter) and I talk about some depictions of love in pop culture that we love and like a little less. Sorry in advance if we ruin your childhood. As always we spotlight some things we love, some things we hate, and give you that sweet, sweet banter you’ve been waiting for. Plus, a special shout out to Mary Lane of New York Cliche. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/demetrius/support

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