Ep.147 - Our Best BAD Advice

Ep.147 - Our Best BAD Advice

There's a lot of good to great dating and relationship advice out there, but there is a ton of it that's bad. Don't get me wrong, we love bad advice...when it's satirical. Inspired by the Bad Advice Column on The Establishment, a reader question, and questions pulled from Dear Prudence and Savage Love, we bring you our best Bad Advice.  What does a boyfriend who is reluctant to have period sex, a middle-aged virgin who wants to lose their virginity, a mother who wants her son's fling to keep their love child, a woman burned by a dishonest polyamorous partner, and someone afraid to lose their girlfriend have in common? Polyam Gal Seeks  (@Polygalseeks on Twitter) and I answered all their questions with some of our best bad advice before giving them honest to goodness real advice. In addition to our bad dating advice, we tackle a reader submitted question with real, honest dating advice. Plus, we recommend a drop cloth for sex, discuss why bad dating experiences should make you hopeful, and talk about what we loved and hated this week. You can support the podcast on Anchor at anchor.fm/demetrius/support and Patreon at patreon.com/amightylove. Thank you for listening and Good Luck Out There. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/demetrius/support

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