What About Men...and Those Confused By Them? GUEST: Robert Kandell

What About Men...and Those Confused By Them? GUEST: Robert Kandell

Is life confusing for men these days? Are men confusing to you these days?

So, what's this all about?

Why are men and women confused about the roles of men? Or, are they? My guest thinks they are!

Personally, I think that there is much confusion over roles, and that they are fluid in each family. It's a BIG, IMPORTANT conversation for every couple to have before they get married: to learn about each other, talk about values, vision for life, beliefs, and goals. Talk about how those values will play out in the roles each of you want, and/or accept, BY AGREEMENT.

Making agreements requires willingness to communicate deeply. Now, we're getting into the thorny issues about why these issues can all be too fuzzy. People don't want to talk about difficult things. They want to stay with their fantasies about a life together all magically working out. It doesn't.

It's not news that you have to consciously work on your relationship. You have to work on it and at it. You have to be present, and willing to talk, change, grow together.

Listen in to this fascinating conversation, and see what questions it leaves you with. You can ask them by liking my Facebook page, Relationship Help Shows, and we can talk there.

If you want my help directly, we can do that, too.

GUEST: Robert Kandell, Coach, Lecturer, Consultant

My guest today, Robert Kandell, hailed as “part football coach, part loving dad, and part slightly crazed drill sergeant”, has spent the last 20 years helping people re energize their lives and build better relationships and sex through authentic connection and honest communication.

After building a successful consulting firm in San Francisco, he then took his business acumen and co-founded One Taste (orgasmic meditation) in 2004. Taking on the challenging task of bringing conscious sexuality to the mainstream market. He left OneTaste in 2014 to start his own consulting firm, Kandell Consulting, which helps small businesses become marketable and profitable.

Robert is also an accomplished coach, and lecturer with over 400 workshops under his belt. He also brings his enthusiasm and passion to his weekly podcast, Tuff Love (over 100k downloads) on subjects around relationships, intimacy, sex, communication and gender dynamics.


  • Why men are so obsessed with their phones
  • What Robert Kandell means by a "chasm of intimacy"
  • Why he says "aggrieved entitlement" is what causes your man to withdraw
  • What Robert thinks about the idea that the #MeToo movement causes men to be scared
  • How women can encourage men to speak about their anger


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