What's the Relationship Between Autoimmune Conditions & Emotional Well-being  GUEST: Sharon Sayler

What's the Relationship Between Autoimmune Conditions & Emotional Well-being GUEST: Sharon Sayler

Do you think that there is a connection between what goes on in your emotional life and what goes on in your body?

You betcha!

Today's episode starts with me giving you some insights into the hows, whys, and benefits of creating uninterrupted time in your life frequently. Do you do that? Most people don't, so take this in. It can make a HUGE difference in your feeling of well-being!

When you have difficulties--especially chronic stress and anxiety--from being raised by, living with, or leaving toxic people, #Hijackals, you are likely to have health issues. When you're young, you may not notice the cumulative effects so much. You may be unhappy, irritable, or feeling defeated, but your body is more resilient...for awhile.

As you stay in these toxic relationships, or at least, don't fully realize the toll these relationships have on you, you may well begin to experience small breakdowns in your body. You lose energy, feel fatigued, and don't bounce back as you used to. That's the beginning of more difficulties to come...if you stay.

Often, when you go to the doctor and describe this general malaise, the doctor will tell you that it's all in your head. In a way, that's true because you are experiencing emotional issues from destructive relationships. But, you're not crazy, or mentally unstable.

It's true, though, that when these conditions persist, you feel like you're living in a fog, surrounded by pain, unable and unwilling to participate.fully in life. Sound familiar? Time to change your mind, and today's episode of Emotional Savvy will definitely help.

Today's we'll explore the connections between emotional well-being and physical well-being, between the damaging effects of unhealthy relationships and the potential for autoimmune conditions.

DISCLAIMER: Neither my guest, Sharon Sayler, nor I are medical doctors. We are talking about other people's research and our own anecdotal experiences with clients, listeners, and friends.

GUEST: Sharon Sayler, Producer and Host of The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted and creator of UnderstandingAutoimmune.com

Sharon Sayler is an international bestselling author and speaker known as the difficult people whisperer, and is listed on GlobalGurus.org as one of the top 20 worldwide for body language.

She also happens to be the host of the #1 show on OMTimes Radio, The Autoimmune Hour, where she offers hope and help for those with autoimmune conditions. Her own experience dealing with a rare medical condition propelled her to create The AutoImmune Hour to support others to become informed, courageous, and powerful self-advocates as they turn life's traumas into transformations regardless of their diagnoses.


  • What is the connect between intention and physical health
  • How to think about what you think about that might need changing
  • Sharon's experience with her own medical journey
  • Compliance vs non-compliance as patients
  • The power of the mind and the decision to put yourself first
  • Taking powerful steps to improve autoimmune conditions


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