Lovecraft Country Episode 6 Podcast "Meet Me In Daegu"
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Lovecraft Country Episode 6 Podcast "Meet Me In Daegu"

In Lovecraft Country Episode 6 we are treated to an entirely Korean based story of possession which made Atticus into the man he is.

Lovecraft Country Episode 6 "Meet Me In Daegu" Summary

1949, with Korea on the brink of war between North and South, a Korean nursing student Ji-Ah in Daegu, with an interest in American movies, is looking for soul mates! During the summer of 1950, in the midst of the Korean War, Ji-Ah and her fellow shift nurses are taken by American soldiers to root out a communist spy at the hospital. Her remaining memory of this violent encounter is the detention of her best friend Unni and the execution of two of her colleagues, one at the hands of an American GI named Atticus. As summer moves to autumn, Ji-Ah encounters Atticus again and she vows to take revenge and his soul. But as she seduces Tic an unlikely bond forms between them, but the urge of the spirit animal Kumiho still requires its souls. In the throws of passion the nine tails of the Kumiho attach to Atticus revealing to Ji-Ah Tic’s past, present and future!

Directed by: Helen Shaver

Teleplay by: Misha Green, Kevin Lau

Showrunner: Misha Green

Lovecraft Country Cast:

Jamie Chung as Ji-AhJurnee Smollett as Letitia "Leti" LewisJonathan Majors as Atticus FreemanAunjanue Ellis as Hippolyta FreemanCourtney B. Vance as George FreemanWunmi Mosaku as Ruby BaptisteAbbey Lee as Christina BraithwhiteJada Harris as Diana FreemanMichael K. Williams as Montrose FreemanJamie Harris as Eustace HuntJordan Patrick Smith as WilliamJamie Neumann as HillaryErica Tazel as Dora FreemanMac Brandt as LancasterTony Goldwyn as Samuel Braithwhite

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The music for our Lovecraft Country podcast is an edited version of “Epic Darkness” from mariokhol06 and provided by Pixabay.

Thank you fellow Dreadfuls for returning to the darkness with us. We’ll be back next Monday 28th September with Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 7 "I Am.". We hope you're also joining us on this feed for all our chats about the equally bloody but very funny "The Boys" which returned to Amazon Prime this week.

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