Teambuilding Exercises
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Teambuilding Exercises

This week, we're all taking part in some team-building exercises! We're putting the band back together like the ladies of Girls5Eva on Peacock, we're coming together for some new content just like the gang over at season 2 of Mythic Quest on Apple+, we're bonding as a squad just like the aberrant clones of The Bad Batch on Disney+. But what we're not doing is squabbling and spending eight episodes on a boring mystery with a weird nonsensical twist like the superheroes of Jupiter's Legacy on NETFLIX.

2:15-28:10 TV Diary
28:55-41:30 Truth Is Stranger Than Fan-Fiction
42:20-53:17 Girls5Eva (Peacock)
53:17-1:01:02 Mythic Quest (Apple+)
1:01:02-1:14:26 Jupiter's Legacy (Netf

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