2020 Counts

This limited series on the 2020 Census, equips listeners with the knowledge to engage with the most powerful political tool we have. Hear from activist Arturo Vargas (NALEO), Maz Jobrani (Hollywood comedian), Senator Susan Rubio, Colin MacLay, Tom Belin, Natalie Masuoka, and Paul Ong (USC and UCLA academics), Sharon Tosi Lacey (Census Bureau chief historian), Ed Reed (Fair Count), Janai Nelson (NAACP LDF Associate Counsel), Tom Wolf (Brennan Center for Democracy counsel and civil rights lawyer), Sunshine Hillygus (Duke professor who testified in federal trial related to census citizenship question) plus enumerators, advocates and everyday voices to gain insight on why the census matters, especially for historically underrepresented communities, and what we should do to see a more equitable and humane tomorrow. Join Allison Bajracharya and Leila Jerusalem as they explore one of democracy's most powerful tool.
2020 Counts

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