The Radicalization of American Christianity
Spirituality Matters with Rev Karla · 37 minutes ·

The Radicalization of American Christianity

In this episode, Rev Karla takes us on a trip through the history of how the dangerous intersection of religion and politics has continuously harmed our fair democracy, up to the point of the events on January 6, 2021. We’ve seen these injustices since the AIDS Crisis and the Reagan Administration and Jim Crow Laws and more. What do we do now? How do we hold those in power, those around us, and ourselves accountable? The end of White Christian America is coming and as America continues to become less religious and we continue to elect people that represent our diverse population, what change can we expect, and fight for, in the coming years?

You can read more on this topic from Rev Karla in her blog post and the 6 part TikTok series on Radical Christianity. Rev Karla also recommends that you listen to the NPR Podcast White Lies, watch the Netflix series The Family, and read Religious Intolerance in America

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