Everyone is a Historian - CHSS 103
Catholic Heritage Spirituality Show · 36 minutes ·

Everyone is a Historian - CHSS 103

Everyone is a historian. Some people, however, are better at history than others. But everyone must do history. No one is free to not have to do history.


Wherever we go or whatever we do, we are faced with various histories. Whether conscientious of these histories or not, we engage with people, events and institutions which have their own histories.


In this episode, Mary and Erik Estrada discuss how Catholic Christians can use historical context in order to better interpret the events and artifacts of the past.


This ability to use historical context to understand the past can also be very helpful for understanding one’s spiritual life. When better grasping our Catholic history, we can more easily comprehend the Church’s reasons for its teachings, spiritual practices and ascetic disciplines.


We explain that a good sense of history is also critical for understanding our neighbors. At times, our neighbors come from different ethnic and religious traditions. In order to understand our neighbors and their religious traditions better, it is necessary for Catholics to develop get a good sense of religious history.


Join us as we discuss the importance of historical context for our spiritual life.




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