How is Our Prayer Efficacious? - CHSS 119
Catholic Heritage Spirituality Show · 40 minutes ·

How is Our Prayer Efficacious? - CHSS 119

Many people often ask today: Does prayer work? In today’s episode, we continue our discussion on the topic of prayer asking this important question: “Does prayer work?” And, if so, how does it work?


Using the Catechism of the Catholic Church as our guide, which relies on the modern work of Catholic New Testament scholarship, we continue our discussion of prayer by discussing the historical foundations of prayer, namely, the history of early Christianity. We note that in the modern era, the historicity of Jesus’ person and work have come under fierce scrutiny with some critics alleging that the Gospels are mostly fabricated accounts with little of any connection to the historical Jesus.


Pope Benedict XVI was acutely aware of these challenges and sought to address them in his three volumes on the life of Christ.


Join us today in our discussion as we continue this conversation about the Catechism’s statement about prayer.


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