Prayer as the School of Spiritual Growth - CHSS 113
Catholic Heritage Spirituality Show · 30 minutes ·

Prayer as the School of Spiritual Growth - CHSS 113

In today’s episode, we discuss the nature of prayer as a school for spiritual growth.


As Catholic Christians, we can oftentimes think about prayer mostly in its petitionary dimensions. That is to say, we often approach prayer as an opportunity to make known to God our needs, concerns and hopes.


In this episode, however, we encourage our listeners to go beyond this dimension of prayer. We invite our listeners to think about prayer and its ability to become a school for growth in holiness and a school for a deeper commitment to God and neighbor.


Prayer affords us the opportunity to reflect upon our complete need for God. This opportunity presents itself most especially when our prayers go unanswered.


It is especially in these moments that we are presented with the opportunity to think about what God is trying to teach us. We can use the opportunities of unanswered prayer to ask ourselves such questions such as: What does God want me to learn in this period of life? How can I help others who are facing similar obstacles?


In sum, prayer affords us an enormous opportunity for personal spiritual growth. Join us today in our discussion about prayer and the spiritual life.


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