Spiritual Goals for the New Year - CHSS 76
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Spiritual Goals for the New Year - CHSS 76

As we begin a new year again, many people are making resolutions. At this time of year, people often make various types of health and wellness resolutions from going to the gym daily to losing a certain amount of weight by the next year. The new year is a unique opportunity to start afresh. With the calendar reset, people often look to the new year to make critical decisions about how to improve their physical well being.


Although the new year has become synonymous with health resolutions, we often do not think of the new year as an opportunity to make spiritual resolutions. By spiritual resolutions we mean concrete decisions to improve our spiritual well-being. Why is this?


In this episode, we discuss some reasons why people do not make spiritual resolutions. In modern Western society, we are often tempted to think that progress in the spiritual life is simply automatic just as physical growth is automatic in children and adolescents. But this is not the case in the spiritual life.


To counter this trend, we encourage our audience to make resolutions for improving their spiritual well-being. We discuss the various types of resolutions Catholics can make in increasing their spiritual growth. From the daily recitation of the Rosary to daily spiritual reading, we suggest practical ways that Catholics can greatly enhance their spirituality by the next year.


Above all, we encourage Catholics to decide to formulate reasonable and attainable goals such as reading for 10 to 15 minutes a day. By writing these goals down and reviewing these goals periodically, Catholics can gain more confidence in attaining their spiritual goals. These measures, we believe, will help Catholics gain much ground in their spiritual lives.


Join us this week as we discuss the various things we can do as Catholic Christians to increase our spiritual growth.


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