Detach and Receive: How Detachment To Outcome Is Crucial For Your Desires, The Science of Feeling the Feeling First, The Key to Unlocking Your Desires And Letting Go to Let In

Detach and Receive: How Detachment To Outcome Is Crucial For Your Desires, The Science of Feeling the Feeling First, The Key to Unlocking Your Desires And Letting Go to Let In

Have you ever found yourself overly attached to a particular outcome? Maybe you wanted something so badly that you couldn't think about anything else. Or perhaps you were so worried about not getting what you wanted that it consumed your thoughts and energy.

Well, what if we told you that this attachment to the outcome could actually be blocking the very thing you're trying to manifest? This is where the law of detachment comes in. By detaching yourself from the outcome and instead focusing on the feeling of already having what you desire, you become a vibrational match to that desire and can attract it into your reality. It's important to note that detachment doesn't mean giving up on your desires.

So, join us in this episode as we dive deeper into the concept of detachment to outcome with the law of attraction. We'll discuss practical tips for feeling the feeling first, letting go of attachment, and becoming a vibrational match to your desires.

What is the become your God Self workshop:

Join the exclusive mentorship on the Become Your God Self Workshops for committed seekers on a mission to transform their fears, dissolve subconscious blockages, enlighten, be on purpose & live out their dream reality creating wealth, love, fulfilment and self realization.

The transformations experience of the Become Your God Self Weekly Workshops:

  • Embody how to create as source to create abundance, healthy relationships and wellbeing without attachment.
  • Understand your recurring loops and patterns stopping the repeating cycles of fear. Deep transformation on a cellular and vibrational level to remove blocks and limitations to automatically move into aligned action.
  • Embody the universal laws and harness that power to your advantage to become your highest self and  experience your highest reality.
  • Become your true nature navigating through life in the eyes of oneness and wholeness to feel the greatest depths of love, fulfilment, bliss, ecstasy, and euphoria.
  • Draw from universal energy that is infinitely within you consistently maintaining the highest vibration throughout the day.
  • Form an unbreakable confidence that does not waver from your dream reality no matter what external influences may try to knock you.
  • Reprogram that chatter inside your head to form an unlimited fountain of love, validation, and support from self.
  • Collapse your manifestation from the fifth dimension right into the third dimension so your soul can enjoy its creation rapidly.
  • Enjoy synchronicities on a moment-to-moment basis letting the universe surprise and delight you, better than you can ever imagine, knowing its got your back.

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