Reimagining Policing
Law and Justice (Video) · 60 minutes ·

Reimagining Policing

Following the police murder of George Floyd, there have been calls to “Abolish, Defund, and Reform” the police. Elected officials around the country have called for 50% reductions in the police budgets that account for much of local government spending. At the same time, there is little agreement on the meaning of what could or should be defunded or what can be reformed; in many cases, the very language of this movement has impeded the necessary public debate about the appropriate role of police and policing in our society. This panel brings together experienced police, elected officials and faculty experts at UC Berkeley to address these critical, and timely, issues. Panelists: Nikki Fortunato Bas, Oakland City Council President; Jack Glaser, Professor at the Goldman School for Public Policy and expert on police bias and police reform; Danielle Outlaw, Chief of Police in Philadelphia. Moderator: Dan Lindheim, Goldman School of Public Policy Professor. Series: "UC Public Policy Channel" [Public Affairs] [Show ID: 36879]

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