In today's conversation, Lakita Combs, Metzler Elementary principal, joins us for a conversation centered around the Corwin Visible Learning evaluation and inquiry model. This model is based off of John Hattie's research and has the belief that every student should experience one year's growth each school year. You'll hear how her campus started making learning visible by implementing success criteria, using student voice in the buy in, how her teachers collaborate with each other to make learning meaningful, and how her students have cultivated a love of learning. 

Overview of Visible Learning Model 

John Hattie: 10 Mindframes for Visible Learning Webinar 

Learning Intentions with Success Criteria Video with John Hattie 

Corwin Website 

Learning Challenge Animation (James Nottingham) 

 How to Start and Sustain a Visible Learning Implementation 

3 Indicators of Assessment-Capable Visible Learners 

Becoming by Michelle Obama 

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