Highlights from the SOCAP19 Main Stage
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Highlights from the SOCAP19 Main Stage

For the final episode of 2019, we bring you highlights from the SOCAP19 mainstage. The theme that ties each of this episode’s featured highlights together is that they all demonstrate the power of cross-sector collaboration. The clips highlight examples of ways that leaders from across the global marketplace have been working together in innovative ways to solve some of the greatest challenges of our time.

Featured Voices:
Neville Crawley of Kiva with Helen Avery of Euromoney
Bonnie Glick of USAID with David Bohigian of OPIC
Kat Taylor of Beneficial State Bank with Tim Freundlich of ImpactAssets
Susan Taylor Batten of ABFE with Rip Rapson of the Kresge Foundation

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