How We Spend with Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
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How We Spend with Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

After retiring as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer founded USAFacts, to make government data accessible to the general public. He wants to help Americans understand how the government spends our money and why. So every year at tax time USAFacts releases an annual 10-K report on government financial performance – something public companies are already required to do. He thinks the government should be required to turn out the same kind of report, but until they do he’s got it covered. His annual 10k is meant to give us a better picture of how we’re living, what we’re spending on, and where we’re making improvements. And he breaks some of it down in this conversation. It gave me a different perspective on how to suss the effectiveness of our government.

USAFacts is a nonprofit, nonpartisan civic organization and a News Not Noise content partner. Ballmer ran Microsoft from 2000-2014. In addition to his role at USAFacts, Ballmer teaches at Stanford University’s business school and is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

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