Monkeypox, Polio, Covid Oh My!
News Not Noise · 54 minutes ·

Monkeypox, Polio, Covid Oh My!

The White House has declared a national health emergency for monkeypox. How is it passed, what are the telltale signs you’ve contracted it,what do we know about the vaccine and how to stay safe. We discuss this as well as the latest news about a polio spread in New York, an uptick in lyme disease and the latest advice about when to get a COVID booster.

Our experts are the co-hosts of the Unbiased Science Pod, podcast. Dr. Jessica Steier is an expert on public health policy, biostatistics and advanced analytics abd Dr. Andrea Love is well versed in infectious disease, immunology, cancer, immunology, and autoimmunity. They offer advice on how to protect yourself, share the latest guidance, and answer questions you sent in. We hope this episode clears up any confusion and helps you feel calm by better understanding the science.

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Jessica Yellin is the founder of News Not Noise, a channel dedicated to giving you news with real experts and providing facts, not panic attacks.

Jessica is a veteran of network news, traveling the globe, covering conflict and crisis. A former Chief White House Correspondent for CNN, she reported from around the world and won awards.

Now, Yellin uses her voice to break down the news, calmly and clearly for you -- free of punditry, provocation, and yelling.

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