No Red Wave: Making Sense of the Midterms
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No Red Wave: Making Sense of the Midterms

The big loser in the 2022 midterms: conventional wisdom. The late punditry was all wrong. Enthusiasm was high on both sides. There was no red wave. Women did turn out to vote on abortion. Trumpism suffered some body blows and election deniers did not sweep the board. Importantly voters seemed motivated by multiple issues at once – which shouldn’t be shocking but was discounted by the pundits in the final days of the campaign.

To break down what we know right now, what it means for issues you care about, control of Congress and the 2024 presidential race, I spoke with NPR’s National Political Correspondent, Mara Liasson. She covers the White House, Congress, elections and political trends and is one of the most thoughtful and informed journalists covering politics today.

Mara Liasson

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Jessica Yellin is the founder of News Not Noise, a channel dedicated to giving you news with real experts and providing facts, not panic attacks.

Jessica is a veteran of network news, traveling the globe, covering conflict and crisis. A former Chief White House Correspondent for CNN, she reported from around the world and won awards.

Now, Yellin uses her voice to break down the news, calmly and clearly for you -- free of punditry, provocation, and yelling.

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