Rescuing Our Schools
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Rescuing Our Schools

School boards have become political battlegrounds. Culture wars are centering on the classroom and teachers – underpaid and often feeling unsafe and unheard – are increasingly exiting the profession. None of this is improving the reality for students who are struggling with unprecedented learning loss and mental health challenges as a result of the pandemic.

In this podcast we talk with a group of people who are working on solutions. Emma Bloomberg, the founder and CEO of Murmuration, is working to get more people involved in school board level. John Della Volpe, Director of polling at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics, focuses on how Gen Z can play a role. Adonica Duggan, CEO of Baton Rouge Alliance for Students, is working on student focused reforms. And Romy Drucker of the K-12 Education Program at the Walton Family Foundation looks at innovative practices that can make work more sustainable for teachers, and close learning gaps for students.

We learn about their work, ask their take on the politics of distraction around schooling, and take your questions.

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Emma Bloomberg - Murmuration

Adonica Duggan

Romy Drucker

John Della Volpe

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