The Dobbs Voter: Will Abortion Move Voters?
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The Dobbs Voter: Will Abortion Move Voters?

The Dobbs Voter. Will she make all the difference in November?

After the Dobbs decision overturning Roe V Wade there’s been a surge in new voter registration among women. These voters are young and lean left. Is their enthusiasm to vote matched by equal enthusiasm on the other side? What does the data tell us and what can we expect in November?

We discuss it all with a panel of experts who are paying close attention to the ways the Court’s abortion ruling is shifting political expectations. Lauren Leader, co-founder and CEO of All in Together, a non-partisan non-profit women's civic education organization. Sarah Longwell publisher of the Bulwark and founder of the Republican Accountability Project. And Amanda Brown Lierman Executive Director at Supermajority, which focuses on bringing women together as a political force and protecting women's rights.

This panel will give you a window into what’s changed post Dobbs, when we’ll know the impact of the Dobbs voter, and if she’ll change our political landscape in the midterms and beyond.

This conversation was originally held live on Twitter Spaces.

Lauren Leader

Sarah Longwell

Amanda Brown Lierman

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