Understanding Crypto, Blockchain and NFTs with Brit Morin
News Not Noise · 36 minutes ·

Understanding Crypto, Blockchain and NFTs with Brit Morin

What are NFTs? What's the difference between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? And should you still spend time learning about them given the recent volatility in the crypto market?

Our answer: yes. Blockchain and the new digital technologies it’s spawned aren’t going away. New investments in this space by Meta, Microsoft and other big players mean some of these technologies will probably part of your future, soon.

In this episode, we speak with expert Brit Morin who offers clear explanations for terms like NFTs, blockchain, Web3 and cryptocurrency. She even defines some jargon so you can sound savvy the next time a tech bro tries to mansplain the blockchain to you.

Morin is the co-founder of BFF, an open-access crypto community for women and non-binary people. She is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, podcast host, founder and CEO of Brit and Co - a media and digital education company. She recently founded a venture firm Offline Ventures and is also the creator of Selfmade, a start-your-own-business course for women entrepreneurs.

Brit Morin

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Jessica Yellin is the founder of News Not Noise, a channel dedicated to giving you news with real experts and providing facts, not panic attacks.

Jessica is a veteran of network news, traveling the globe, covering conflict and crisis. A former Chief White House Correspondent for CNN, she reported from around the world and won awards.

Now, Yellin uses her voice to break down the news, calmly and clearly for you -- free of punditry, provocation, and yelling.

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