What's Going On In The Housing Market, with Zillow's Skylar Olsen
News Not Noise · 30 minutes ·

What's Going On In The Housing Market, with Zillow's Skylar Olsen

Mortgage rates have doubled in the last year. Housing prices are coming down in some markets, but inventory is limited. And rents continue to rise. So we spoke to Zillow Chief Economist Skylar Olsen. She tracks housing market trends to help buyers, renters and sellers make informed decisions.

In this episode Olsen answers your questions including: is it better to rent or buy right now? When’s a good time to sell? And how should we think about rising mortgage rates? She also compares house prices in cities across the country and tells us about the new luxury real estate hot spots.

Zillow is a News Not Noise content partner.

Skylar Olsen
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