Women’s Health Care: Threats And Realities
News Not Noise · 54 minutes ·

Women’s Health Care: Threats And Realities

A network of organizations is helping pregnant people and health care workers in states that are banning and restriction abortion. How does it work, what resources do they offer and what does the future look like?

We dig into all this plus, a closer look at the ways these new restrictions are harming people who are trying to start families as well.

I speak to Oriaku Njoku, the Executive Director for the National Network of Abortion Funds, which helpswith financial and logistical access to abortion. Also, Jessica Wright-Weinstock and Stacy Bernstein, founders of The B(e)aring All Project, an organization dedicated to sharing narratives from those who have struggled on the path to potential parenthood. And Wynter Rohrbaugh Mitchell, of the Waiting to X-hale podcast.

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Oriaku Njoku
➤Twitter: twitter.com/oreawku
➤NNAF: www.abortionfunds.org

Jessica Wright-Weinstock
Stacy Bernstein
➤B(e)aring All Project: www.thebearingallproject.com

Wynter Rohrbaugh Mitchell
➤Twitter: twitter.com/wyntermitchell
➤Podcast: https://apple.co/3vl2RJz

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