Welcome to Changing Arts with Tom O'Connor
Changing Arts with Tom O'Connor · 1 minutes ·

Welcome to Changing Arts with Tom O'Connor

Welcome to Changing Arts from Tom O'Connor Consulting Group. The arts industry has had its share of challenges since the start of 2020, and the resulting changes are still unfolding--and some of them are long overdue. In this podcast, hear from people on the ground in the arts business who are making change happen in their own ways, large and small. Tom is the President of Tom O'Connor Consulting Group--a strategy, marketing consulting, and executive search firm exclusively serving the arts and culture fields. In addition to being a strategist and marketer, he is also a trained educator and social worker and will speak with a wide array of guests about bringing change to the arts. For more on Tom O'Connor Consulting Group, visit www.tomocgroup.com.

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