The “Fat Adapted” Myth Explained
Intermittent Fasting · 18 minutes ·

The “Fat Adapted” Myth Explained

Today I want to share with you why all of this talk about becoming fat adapted is largely marketing speak…
The human body has three main energy systems and burning body fat as a fuel is the predominant one that we are always using.
The reason I state this is that you do not get to choose what energy system you are going to tap into, it is chosen for you based on the stress placed on your body.
This is why it's important to understand the foundations of human physiology so if your goal is to burn more body fat you truly understand how to do so.
Check out today's Cabral Concept #2266 to hear me debunk and explain the “become fat adapted” myth - enjoy the show and let me know if you have any questions!

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