Alexa Weber Morales: What's New in Database Development
Cloud Database Report Podcast · 33 minutes ·

Alexa Weber Morales: What's New in Database Development

Alexa Weber Morales has years of experience writing about the developer community, cloud infrastructure, and database tools. She had a long career in tech journalism, including as Editor in Chief of Software Development magazine, prior to joining Oracle as a writer, editor, and content strategist. 

In this podcast, John Foley, Editor of the Cloud Database Report, talks to Alexa about cloud-native database development, digital transformation, online education, and more.  The conversation ranges from Kubernetes to Java development to building applications with Oracle's Apex low-code development platform. Alexa also talks about what motivates and inspires developers. 

An interesting note about Alexa — she is also a Grammy-award winning singer, songwriter, and musician known for her work in salsa jazz. In this podcast, Alexa talks about using online learning to write her first symphony. 

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