What Art Is Art? (Podcast Intro)- 1x01
Ugh, As If! - contemporary art podcast · 39 minutes ·

What Art Is Art? (Podcast Intro)- 1x01

Ugh, As If! Podcast, 1x01 with Lisa Fevral

Today we're talking about:
Intro of the podcast and what you can expect from it, art questions answers (What's going on in the contemporary art world right now? Do I predict any breakthroughs or movements? What do I think is the most important thing for students taking an art class in school to get out of the experience? What art is art?), Sunmi's latest album 1/6, being approached by fast fashion brands and health scares.

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Time stamps:
Intro - (0:00)
Art: What art is art - (02:18)
Music: Sunmi’s 1/6 - (24:01)
Fast fashion brands reaching out to me - (31:25)
Health scares - (33:07)
Sneak Peek for the next few episodes - (35:33)

Lisa Fevral:

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