Episode Six: "The Anti-Social Network (Part One)"

Episode Six: "The Anti-Social Network (Part One)"

THE MID SEASON FINALE. In this special two-part episode, SXSW celebrates the 15th Anniversary of Ain't It Cool News in 2011 -- a time when its legacy was shadowed by many unpleasant truths. Also, Drew McWeeny sacrifices his filmmaking dreams for AICN while Harry Knowles does the opposite.

Written, Edited, and Narrated by Joe Scott

Executive Produced by Kristina Bell

Sound Engineered by Eddie Garcia

With Production Assistance by Ries Allyn

And Online Production by Janessa Smith

With Ben Jones as the voice of Harry Knowles, Sarah Griffith as Catherine Shoard, Yemonja Stanley as Bonnie Cressler, A.J. Schrader as Eli Roth, and Jake Steward as the voice of Drew's Anger,

The Rise of Harry Knowles and Ain't It Cool News will return with a brand new episode on Thursday, April 28th.

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