Envisioning a Cookieless Future Online with Dan Richardson, Head of Data, Asia Pacific at Yahoo!

Envisioning a Cookieless Future Online with Dan Richardson, Head of Data, Asia Pacific at Yahoo!

This episode of The New World of Consumer Behavior features an interview with Dan Richardson, Head of Data for Asia Pacific at Yahoo!, a global media and tech company that connects people to their passions and provides partners with a full-stack platform for businesses to amplify growth and drive more meaningful connections across advertising and search.

Dan is in charge of shaping the commercial data strategy and delivering effective audience engagement solutions to Yahoo’s agency, brand and publisher partners. From an industry side, Dan chaired the IAB Australia’s Data Council from 2018 to 2022, helping lead educational initiatives, and served on the IAB New Zealand Standards and Measurement Council. He previously served as a board director for the International Advertising Association and as president of the IAA's Young Professionals.

In this episode, Dan talks about the growing importance of contextual targeting in digital advertising, why investing in building first-party data strategy is more critical than ever, and how crafting a fair and equitable ad funded internet is a key step for a balanced future online.


Key Quotes

“The key thing is to recognize that we also, as consumers and people, we all enjoy free content, add funded content. So that does require some form of identity or technology to be applied there. We really do need to find a middle ground that allows that to thrive, as well. There's great publishers out there, ourselves, but other global publishers employing journalists producing great content. Now to thrive that needs to be viable across the open web and not just housed within a particular operating system or walled garden. There needs to be room for both.” - Dan Richardson


Episode Timestamps

02:14 Dan’s role at Yahoo!

03:47 How Dan uses data

06:38 Dan’s data sources

12:24 Contextual targeting in advertising

15:33 Next gen audiences

19:48 Consumer behavior data

22:14 Using data to solve problems

24:45 Data security

27:16 General Data Protection Regulation

33:39 Improving customer experiences

37:45 Data do’s and don'ts



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