Gentle marketing helped me fall back in love with my business (case study with Alex Okell)
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Gentle marketing helped me fall back in love with my business (case study with Alex Okell)

Stuck on the hamster wheel of content creation? Feeling icky about what you 'should' be doing to sell? Over the constant hustle? Alex Okell was too after severe burnout forced her to re-evaluate how she approached everything in business.

Alex created a Slow Business Framework and now works with wellbeing professionals to help them set up their work in a way that prioritises their mental and physical health. I'm a big fan of this approach to business, which is why I wanted to record a case study exploring Alex's evolution from hustle to gentle marketing.

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In this episode, we're talking about:

  • What is slow business?
  • How this approach has changed Alex's life and work
  • Behind the scenes of Alex's weekly repurposing and marketing schedule
  • 3 ways we can incorporate slow business philosophy into our work today


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