How to write convincing sales pages without feeling sleazy (with Natalia Toborek)
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How to write convincing sales pages without feeling sleazy (with Natalia Toborek)

What if a sales page didn't have to feel like writing a dissertation? What if it didn't make you feel icky and weird? Copywriter Natalia Toborek from Storylign joins me to de-mystify the sales page. Plus, she'll explain how you can write one ethically and still make sales.

This episode was originally recorded in late 2020, before a workshop on sales pages Natalia hosted. I found the workshop to be one of the most valuable things I've ever bought for my business, so I knew I had to update and re-release this episode for you.

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In this episode, we're talking about:

  • The differences between copy and content
  • What is a sales page, and when do we use them?
  • How to use formulas to write sales pages that still feel human (without any ick)
  • The essential elements of every sales page


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