This is two episodes combined into one about Søren Kierkegaard. These episodes first aired on Jonathan Tony Podcast on 11/9/20 and 4/12/21. Below are the episode descriptions.

Episode 1:

Soren Kierkegaard is someone you may have heard of but don't know much about. It turns out he was a pretty big deal and his thoughts and teachings still have a profound impact today. This is a bit of a different episode and my first time having a small panel on the show, and I really enjoyed it. Linley Ali and Kevin Krumei answer my questions and discuss the ideas that Kierkegaard wrote about, and then we also discuss why it matters to our lives today. This one has some big words and big ideas, but I think you'll get a lot out of it like I did.

Episode 2:

Kierkegaard is back and this time it's personal! - Sorry, I was just trying to hype it up like a movie sequel. But this is part 2 of the Kierkegaard discussion we had a few weeks back with Linley Ali and Kevin Krumei. In this episode, Linley and Kevin have brought in their friend Dave Boehmer to add to the discussion. So buckle up, nerds.

If you're like me, you've probably just heard the name Soren Kierkegaard and a quote or two of his. But he is a figure who has been widely influential for ages, and even still today whether we realize it or not. This episode is a bit different, and yes it is dense. But I would challenge you to listen and treat it like your head and heart are getting a workout. It's good to dive into subject matters that stretch us, and that's partly why I find this discussion valuable to share with the listeners. But there is a lot to unpack here so I won't waste any more time with you reading this description of it.

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