Many of us who believe in God share different views of God. But there is a common perception of God, even if it is not spoken, that he is distant from us and often annoyed with us. We limit our prayers because we don't want to bother him, or we think he doesn't care. We may believe, again - even if we don't say it, that God was reluctant to give us salvation because we are so bad. While it is true that humans are sinful, it is untrue that God doesn't value us or loves us less because of it.

In this episode, Linley and I will discuss who God is and who humans are, and why humanity is not just a whim of an idea or an accident for God to fix. Each of us has a purpose in life designed and planned by God, and His love for us is much greater than we have acknowledged.

(First aired on 3/15/21 on Jonathan Tony Podcast.)

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