What the Twitch DMCA strikes mean for music streamers
Matt Horton on YouTube - AUDIO · 13 minutes ·

What the Twitch DMCA strikes mean for music streamers

You may have heard about the latest round of Twitch DMCA strikes and wondered what that means for musicians on the platform.

Well I'm here to tell you exactly what you should and should not do to avoid Twitch DMCA strikes.

Watch and learn friends.

In the surprise 3rd episode of How to Be a Music Streamer, I talk about the latest round of DMCA takedown notices on Twitch, the history behind these strikes, and what you can do to avoid them.

0:00 You should still stream music
0:30 What happened?
1:55 Why now?
5:02 Mixer's policy
6:00 What CAN you do?
6:31 Original Music
6:49 Performing Covers
7:28 Background Music
8:07 Drummers
8:35 Karaoke
9:26 DJs
9:52 Delete your VODs and clips
10:08 What could be next?
11:39 What's next for me?


Mixer - http://mixer.com/matthorton (Music streams on Tuesdays @ 7pm ET)

Twitch - http://twitch.tv/matthorton (Random music streams and some Twitch Sings soon!)

Https://matthorton.live for everything else.

Links to help you avoid DMCA strikes:

Twitch's Music Guidelines: https://www.twitch.tv/p/legal/community-guidelines/music/

Monstercat Gold: https://www.monstercat.com/gold

Streambeats Playlists:
Spotify - https://bit.ly/StreamBeatsSpotify
Apple Music - https://bit.ly/StreamBeatsAppleMusic
Youtube - https://bit.ly/StreamBeatsYoutube
Google Play - https://bit.ly/StreamBeatsGooglePlay
Amazon - https://bit.ly/StreamBeatsAmazon

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