Episode 34: How To Regulate Stress & Build Resilience
Courage Is Calling with Mel Wiggins · 18 minutes ·

Episode 34: How To Regulate Stress & Build Resilience

In today's episode I'm going to break down the second tier in the resilience pyramid; the building block on developing internal safety: understanding regulation. 

Regulation is our ability to head back to practices that notify our body that we are safe when we feel stress or experience difficult moments or feelings. I'm going to get into some important regulation techniques and also take a minute and explain a bit about stress, stress cycles (a term coined by the Nagoski sisters who wrote the amazing book 'Burnout') and the nervous system. If you want to know how to manage stress and build resilience in your life and work, understanding regulation is going to be KEY.

As always, I’m here - willing to chat more - you can email me [email protected] if you want to reflect on anything in this episode and if there’s anything I can do to go further with this and support you or your maybe even spend some time with your team or workplace looking at resilience building, know that I’d love to do that and you can email me for more details of what that could look like. 

And if you’re a female business owner keen to do more work on building your resilience as you build your business, we make space for all of this in my four month brand builder programme which is open right now. If you want to chat to me about what the brand builder involves, click here to book a little bit of time with me, for free and chat that through.

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