MOMENTUM - Dare to Win Episode 2.0
Dare To Win · 25 minutes ·

MOMENTUM - Dare to Win Episode 2.0

In this episode of Dare To Win, I chat about getting starting, building momentum, and the "20 hour" theory I love. 

If you are just getting started or thinking about starting your entrepreneurial journey and are curious to know  what to expect, how to start, etc, this is a great episode for you to tune into. 

To be honest, I drop some fire in this episode and it is exactly what you need to hear if you are on the fence of starting a business, or are curious to pursue something but are holding back because you don't exactly know where to start. 

Please note some theories shared may be blunt and are not exactly the feel good approach, but I guarantee they'll give you some clarity on your next steps. 

Go swim with some sharks. 

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