EP 2: Prima Virani: Improving endpoint monitoring and visibility with osquery
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EP 2: Prima Virani: Improving endpoint monitoring and visibility with osquery

In today’s episode of the Future of Device Management podcast, we speak with Prima Virani— Detection & Response Engineering Lead at Twilio

Topics discussed:

- Prima’s journey into cybersecurity and what initially made her so excited about the industry. 

- What Prima’s day-to-day looks like leading detection and response engineering at an organization with nearly 9,000 employees. 

- Lessons from deploying Fleet and why Prima’s team decided to host it entirely on an EKS cluster. 

- Why endpoint visibility is an essential building block for the success of any detection and response team. 

- How to think about container security. 

- Prima’s top advice for teams building an endpoint detection and response strategy.  


Resources mentioned:  

Blog post Prima wrote - Hosting FleetDM on AWS EKS 

Book that Zach mentioned - Container Security: Fundamental Technology Concepts that Protect Containerized Applications 1st Edition

Where to get in touch: 

Follow Prima on Twitter

Follow Prima on Linkedin 


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