PEWDIEPIE Autism? (Do YOU Think he is Autistic?)

PEWDIEPIE Autism? (Do YOU Think he is Autistic?)

Pewdiepie Autism. Do you think that Felix aka Pewdiepie is on the autism spectrum? I breakdown what traits he displays in this video. Pewdiepie is such an interesting character and the subject of Pewdiepie autism comes up a lot within the community. There are some videos I have seen with Pewdiepie autism compilation and like Pewdiepie pokemon go autism, but I am not sure these actively present the autism traits he displays. Pewdiepie mincraft topics also cross over as lots of autistic people enjoy mincraft and gaming. But the youtuber Pewdiepie is best known for his fun upbeat gaming videos and its current Pewdiepie subscriber count battle with T Series. Never the less, I just wanted to make this video about Pewdiepie to discuss what I could see about him that I would say shows he may have autistic traits. Let me know what you think in a tweet @theaspieworld --- Support this podcast:

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