Josh Levine Is The Only One Who Grew Up In A Cult Episode 14
The Only One In The Room · 62 minutes ·

Josh Levine Is The Only One Who Grew Up In A Cult Episode 14

Imagine being raised in a cult. Living in an environment where every hour of your life must be accounted for, a world where outsiders are not to be trusted. Where your home suddenly becomes community property. And all at once, your room, your clothes and your toys are no longer yours to claim.
Josh Levine, CEO of Rebel Industries and host of the Rebel Radio podcast, was four years old when his parents joined the National Labor Federation in the San Francisco Bay Area. And already Josh understood that leaving would not be an option. And those who insisted were only successful by escaping in the night while the over-crowded apartment of cult members slept.
But what if one day you decided you wanted a seemingly normal life? One where, as a teenager you could date or bring friends home after school? Would you too escape during the night like the many who disappeared before you? Or would you stay, choosing the familiar over the gaping maw of the unknown?
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