S2 Ep4: We LOVE a good comfort show!
Two Idiot Girls · 38 minutes ·

S2 Ep4: We LOVE a good comfort show!

Hi babies! This week we wanted to do a lighthearted and fun episode about our current favorite tv shows and why we loved Glee and Vampire Diaries WAYYY too much while growing up :P We talk a bit about our takes on Euphoria, The Office, and why The Great British Baking Show is the most important tv show of our generation and it should be against the law to not love it! We also delve a little into allowing yourselves to indulge in some time to watch a tv show and not let toxic positivity on the internet make you think you don't deserve some time to yourself! BOOOOO TOMATO TOMATO TOMATO!

Send us your favorite show and I (Deison) promise to check them out ;) ! We'll see you next Wednesday! Love you mean it <333

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